hey hun, sorry for bothering but in your "about luke" you say Caroline's Luke crush but she's not! Emma Watson is! He said it a lot of times! :)

actually i know that he already said that it’s emma watson, but in the time i had made it he said it was caroline in one magazine (i don’t remember what magazine sorry) but then in a interview he said it was emma, but i was like really lazy to fix it lol but thanks for coming and telling me i will fix it now :-)

-posted on the 09 of February
what's it like, seeing the fandom grow on here from the beginning of the x factor to now?

it’s amazing. like srsly i remember when there were like two or three people talking about Luke and then now he is getting so popular :-) i just love him so much and i just get really happy to see that he is getting all this love from so many people he deserve it.

-posted on the 07 of February with 1 note